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Using Your Grinder

Thank you for purchasing a Zip Grinder - Premium Herb Grinder!  
Your grinder is great for grinding dry to semi-dry leafy herbs, florals, and larger piece spices.

Here are some tips for using your new grinder.

First Time Use/Cleaning

As your grinder will be used for food grade materials, before using your herb grinder for the first time, we always recommend giving it a light cleaning. Start out by unscrewing each of the 4 pcs and inspecting them. Wipe the grinder down with a cotton swab with either warm water OR to disinfect using some rubbing alcohol. Use a q-tip if needed to get into the grooves. After which, rinse the grinder in warm water and allow to dry thoroughly.



Using Your Grinder

Step 1.

Remove the lid of the uppermost section and place a moderate amount of herbs, spices or florals onto the teeth in a circle midway between the center and outer edge. (Note: Placing your herbs directly into the center tends not to work as well.)

Step 2.

Close the top and rotate repeatedly to grind the herbs giving it about 5 good turns in each direction. (Note: If the grinder does not turn you may have overfilled the grinding area and this could cause the top to break under extreme pressure. If this is the case, take some ingredients out until it turns  easily. )
Have a look and make sure all the ingredients have made it through to the next section. If not, give it a few more turns in each direction and check again.

If you prefer a finer grind, try turning the grinder slightly sideways before grinding which will keep your ingredients in the grinding teeth longer, then turning the grinder upright for the final few turns to allow gravity to move the ground ingredients to the middle chamber. 

Step 3.

Before opening the grinder, give it a little sideways shake to even out the ground up herbs so they don't spill out when you open it.  If you are collecting pollen this also helps crystals fall through the screen and collect in the compartment at the bottom.

Step 4.

Unscrew the main compartment and enjoy using your perfectly ground herbs.

Step 5.

After a few uses, pollen from grinding florals may collect in the bottom-most compartment and may be collected by unscrewing the screen section.

Regular Cleaning Your Grinder - For Basic Disinfecting and Light Maintenance

Alcohol will help to disinfect germs, while loosening and getting rid of any grime or residue that builds-up on the inner walls and parts of your grinder. Dip a cotton swab into rubbing alcohol and clean around the inner sides of all parts and around the teeth. As residue and resin loosen you may use the pollen scraper or a toothpick to remove small pieces of gunk. Repeat the swabbing and gently cleaning parts until all areas are clean. After which, rinse the grinder in warm water and allow to dry thoroughly. We like to set all the parts out on a paper towel and allow them to air-dry before reusing. This will keep your grinder looking shiny and brand-new for years to come.


We know you'll love your grinder!

If you have any comments or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact us anytime.

Email:, and we are always here to answer, and help.




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